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Allie develops AI-based solutions

To take the most critical decisions of your production



Benefits of Our Technology

Effective downtime reduction

Through digitization and real-time monitoring, Allie helps reduce downtime. With the same resources, get more efficient results.

Efficiency in operating costs

Significantly reduce costs related to the production process of your factory and automate labor-intensive tasks, through traceability and analysis of relevant variables.

Productivity Enhancement

Achieve competitive productivity targets, boosting the growth and profitability of your factory. Our adaptation to your production processes is flexible and constant.

Interconnectivity between systems

Allie uses plug-and-play solutions to connect with ERP systems, facilitating interaction and consolidating a single source of data.

Allie in Action

Through digitization and real-time monitoring, Allie helps reduce downtime.

Meet our functionalities

We connect with your machines in days so you can digitize, visualize and manage your operations with a relentless focus on OEE - efficiency, productivity and quality.

Use the power of Machine Learning to anticipate any failure of your equipment and assets.

Automate all preventive and corrective maintenance flows in order to have traceability of everything that happens on the floor.

Scale your task force with operators connected with training and support tools.

Multi-device adaptability, achieving ease of use and immediate reaction on a daily basis. We use state-of-the-art technology to unleash your full potential.

Allie is simpler than you imagine…

Start Allie in 3 steps

Technical Analysis and Definition of Critical Machines and processes:

Allie conducts a technical assessment to identify high-impact machines and processes to unleash high-return, streamlined, transformative change.

Deployment for Superior Performance:

In record time, Allie installs and configures your production lines, achieved by connectivity with the latest generation machines and instrumentation.

Activation and Go Live:

Optimize production, reduce costs and maximize your productivity with Allie's active software modules.


Allie transcends industries

We adapt to your processes and we have the experience to empower various sectors:


Intelligence to meet the demands of a dynamic market, ensuring the reduction of errors and failures.


Dynamic and detailed control of assets, with differential use functions.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical

Advanced and consistent production to accelerate development and time to market.

Food and drinks

Monitoring and management for the production of products of the highest quality.


Smart manufacturing to stand out in a highly competitive market.

Mobile Assets

Adaptation and massive management of corrective and preventive maintenance.


Optimized management of mineral resources with maximum productivity.

Plastics and Paper

Sophisticated data analysis, quality control and compliance.


Improvements and efficiencies for the supply chain and maximization of agricultural resources.

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