Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Operations

We co-create smart factories to help you make the most critical decisions of your operation

Benefits of Our Technology

Effective downtime reduction
Through digitization and real-time monitoring, Allie helps reduce downtime. With the same resources, get more efficient results.
Efficiency in operating costs
Significantly reduce costs related to the production process of your factory and automate labor-intensive tasks, through traceability and analysis of relevant variables.
Productivity Enhancement
Achieve competitive productivity targets, boosting the growth and profitability of your factory. Our adaptation to your production processes is flexible and constant.
Interconnectivity between systems
Allie uses plug-and-play solutions to connect with ERP systems, facilitating interaction and consolidating a single source of data.

Allie is simpler than you

Allie’s Predictive Engine drives Predictive Outcomes

Allie connects to the factory operating systems and most critical machinery in the operation through IoT. 

Using AI and Machine Learning, Allie organizes the data  and enables predictive models to enhance efficiency and assist in decision-making.

Our product suite

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Unlocking seamless connectivity
Connect your factory
Sync information without limits
Communication protocols for any PLC or sensor
Encrypted communication
SSL certificate, end-to-end protection
View the app on any device

Allie RealTime Factory

Streaming analytics across
the factory
Data transmission for effective real-time monitoring
Viewing OEE, availability, performance, speed and quality
Detection of problems, correlations and trends
App that works for:
TV Screen

Allie ML

High-impact predictive outcomes
Easy-to-use app for floor operations
Feedback loop with the operator through alerts
Information collection for training predictive models
Democratization of information
Get predictive alerts for:


Talk with your factory, using GenAI
Generative BI for production and plant managers
Status Update Inquiries
Diagnosis of maintenance incidents
Comparison of metrics related to efficiency, by line and by shifts

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Machines talk to us

We select the most critical machines and processes of the operation. The 'Allie Gateway' becomes the cornerstone of connectivity, aggregating jointly defined variables. Our automation and control team is responsible for installing any additional sensors that are required.


Your systems, interconnected

With integrations and connectors, we sync with operating systems, including ERP, MES, CMMS, and signal-enabled data sources. 

Allie uses AI to structure and organize the data, preparing it to feed and train your models.


We train your data models, with each action

Using real-time enabled data and reinforced learning, Allie trains ML models focused on downtime prevention, process optimization, and equipment failure prevention.


Allie transcends industries

We adapt to your processes and we have the experience to empower various sectors:

Construction materials

Detailed control of the production of each asset, with differential use functions for the handling of raw materials.


Monitoring and management for the production of SKUs, with the highest quality standards.

Liquids and Beverages

Intelligence to satisfy the demand of a dynamic market, guaranteeing the elimination of errors and failures.

Electric Components

Advanced and consistent production, to accelerate development and time to market.

Impact and traction to date

Machines connected
Downtime hours saved
Average increase in productivity
Active users engage with Allie every day
Input sources connected to Allie
Backet by leading companies
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